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We have prepared this complete guide with the best punching bags for your boxing on the market, that provide a better value for money, and of course, a beautiful design.

For this we have compared more than 30 punching bags for sale in the market, selecting those models that blend of design, price and quality perfectly. These boxing bags are essential equipments for us boxing lovers or boxing fans, so a wise choice can make a difference.

Boxing is a sport with many followers, and it is not surprising, since this fight inside a ring between two opponents using only their fists with gloves is truly exciting.

Throughout this guide of high quality punching bags you will find 3 main sections that will help you dive even deeper into the world of punching bags and help you make a decision that suits your needs.

If you already know the type of bag you are looking for and have a clear budget, in the following links you will find our recommendations and the general catalog. If you need more information or you do not know what are the best alternatives currently offered by the market, read the second and third points of this guide first!

Different types of punching bags

There are two types of punching bag that practitioners choose when training: hanging and standing . The two types have their advantages, and you should choose the type that is most suitable for your training needs and the style of martial arts you choose to practice.

The Muay Thai bags are always hanging, but they are different from the traditional boxing bag . It is key to keep in mind that there are quality cheap punching bags of all styles. We recommend you to choose the type that you like best and best suits your training style.

Hanging punching bags

Hanging punching bags are usually suspended from the ceiling, and can also be mounted on a wall . Alternatively, you can order them specially designed, in case your roof does not support the weight or you do not have enough space.

Once the sacks have been connected to the ceiling or wall, they are difficult to move. So, if you want to buy a punching bag, you should be sure where to put it: it will stay there for a long time .

The punching bag models have a couple of important advantages. For a start, they tend to sway a little more when you hit them . This allows you to exercise more realistically, and work on the coordination and rhythm of your strokes, speed and precision. Finally, the weight is positioned more balanced in the hanging punch models than in the standing ones. That will help you work on your technique and develop your strength more easily.

Standing punching bags

If you do not have space for a hanging punching bag, a standing punching bag is your best option . You can place it wherever you have space and it is easier to move, and save it when you have finished training. The base of the cheap standing punching bags usually keeps them fairly stable, which makes them good for fists and kicks .

The standing punching bags can also be installed on the floor, and used for floor exercises and strokes that include knees and elbows among others. They can also be used in grip training.

In spite of everything, the distribution of its weight is different from that of the hanging models. They tend to move more than these, which some find uncomfortable. Punching, for example, is not a problem, but kicks can make them stagger over the bill . Another problem with the designs of punching bag standing is that there are models little padded. If you hit them too hard, then you will be able to notice their base.

Cheap boxing bags Muay Thai

Muay Thai are sacks significantly longer and thinner than traditional sacks . They were specially designed for training sessions of Muay Thai, which includes many kicks. Even so, many martial arts enthusiasts use them for other types of training. Muay Thai sacks are much heavier than cheap punching bags. On the other hand, they tend to be more expensive than their traditional equivalents, since more material is needed to make them.

If you plan to use your boxing bag to train kicks mostly, Muay Thai bags are a great option. Because of their length (about 2 meters for most of them), they are great for low and high kicks and knees . Even so, if you plan to focus on boxing or other practice with fists and kicks, a traditional bag will be better.

Choosing the correct weight of your bag

One of the most popular issues is the weight of the punching bag. There is no set of rules to help you choose, but as a general rule you should buy a bag that weighs about half your weight . Of course, these are guides that should be used without too much pressure, since there will not be a bag that weighs exactly the same as you. Generally, sacks of around 20 kilos are used by children or small women. Sacks of around 35 kilos are used by those boxers who weigh around 80 kilos. If you weigh more than 80 kilos, you will want to consider sacks with weights closer to 45 or 50 kilos.

The weight of the bag also depends on your experience and strength . If you have been practicing for a long time and your strokes are powerful, you will want to consider a heavier bag. The reasoning behind that is that your boxing tends to swing when you hit it. Some movements are natural and help you practice your speed and timing. Still, too much movement is not good either, and it can be annoying to use a boxing bag of mixed martial arts. So, if your punches are powerful, you'll want to consider a heavier bag.


There are two types of bags that do not fit into the guidelines we just discussed. It is the independent punching bag models and the Muay Thai d.

Cheap boxing bags independent stand

This type of sacks are much heavier than ordinary hanging punching bags . Most of its weight is in the base, which means that the same bag does not weigh as much. They tend to respond similarly to the usual hanging punching bags: do not let your superior weight discourage you.

Cheap boxing bags from Muay Thai

The bags of Muay Thai are much longer than traditional bags, and, therefore, heavier. They are designed to practice kicks and other blows with the lower part of the body, usually more powerful than the fists. That's why they need more weight, to stabilize. Many are comfortable with Muay Thai bags of 45 to 50 kilos. Even so, if you weigh more or have more experience and your blows are especially powerful, we recommend a heavier bag.

Choosing the right padding material from the bag

There are many types of materials used to fill the best cheap punching bags. Each one provides a slightly different experience.

The most common are sand, water, crushed fibers and compressed tissue . Some punching bag models even use a combination of a couple of different fillings. Many of them will also include an extra layer of foam, usually internal.

For some of the cheap punching bags, there are those who will use fillings with materials they have around to do fitness at home , like old clothes or rags. If you do not have access to the standard fills of boxing models, you can use them, but we recommend those bags that have been pre-filled with standard materials, or add those materials yourself .

Standing punching bag of sand

Sand is probably the most common material to fill the heaviest punching bags . Sandbags tend to be heavier than sacks with other materials: if you are looking for a heavy sack, you will want to consider using sand.

Sand is a good material because it usually provides a consistent resistance . Sand punching bags are not affected by temperature, and are more weather resistant. That is, if you tend to have it outside during the winter, it will not freeze. Another great advantage is that the sand is usually easy to clean in case the punching bag cover is broken, and easy to replace.

Unfortunately, sandbags have a disadvantage: the sand tends to accumulate in the base , so it will be more solid than the rest of the bag. Some sacks use a layer of foam or mix materials to avoid such a phenomenon.

Standing punch bag made of fibers or fabrics

Some sacks use crushed fibers or compressed tissues. These are designed to give you an experience similar to that of sandbags. Even so, they do not usually have the same problem as these, and the materials are distributed equally. That means they are easy to use, and provide more resistance through the entire bag . As mentioned above, some use a mixture of sand and crushed fabrics or fibers, and thus avoid such problems of material distribution.

Standing punching bag of water

Water is a material used to fill heavy bags, and it gives you many advantages. Many boxers use water bags because it provides a more realistic experience in each stroke . They are bags that tend to imitate the effects you would notice when competing with a real person.

Water also gives you a more consistent and balanced resistance experience , so you do not need to worry about certain parts offering more or less resistance than the rest. You will not have to worry so much about the possible injuries of joints or other parts of your body, when hitting them.

Another key advantage is that water punching bags can be emptied and moved more easily than others . If you think you will need to move your sack often, we recommend buying a water punching bag highly.

Sacks of water have a disadvantage: if they break, they can cause much more damage than those of other materials . Keep in mind your location if you want to avoid the possibility of damaging the floor of a whole room.

Choosing the right material cover

The cost of your boxing bag is extremely influenced by the material of your case. There are different materials used to make most cheap punching bags, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. The three most popular materials are leather, vinyl and canvas. Finally, we have the bag in the form of an opponent, or BOB .

Leather punching bag

Leather is a popular choice for boxing models dedicated to martial arts. When you hit a sack of skin, especially with your fists, it gives you a natural feeling. It definitely gives you a more realistic experience compared to other materials . Many boxing practitioners who prefer to hit without gloves prefer leather covers because it does not damage their knuckles as other materials do - we recommend that you use gloves, too, to protect your joints.

The skin also tends to last longer than other materials , has an especially high level of resistance. There are few disadvantages associated with leather bags. Perhaps the most common is that they are considerably more expensive than vinyl or canvas sacks .

Vinyl punching bag

The vinyl bags are made to mimic the skin in feel and appearance , and are a great alternative. Definitely, they are the most common, and we have tried a lot of quality. Even so, the quality of the vinyl coating does not quite reach the level of the skin lining.

Undoubtedly, its biggest advantage is that you find cheap punching bags more affordable and resistant than leather ones. They are very popular in mixed martial arts for their combination of a decent price and good structural quality .

Canvas punching bag

The canvas punching bag is usually of low quality . The shock sensation it gives you is much lower when compared to the leather or vinyl bags. Fortunately, they are much cheaper than leather bags or vinyl, a great advantage if you have a reduced budget.

Apart from its lower cost , another advantage of canvas bags is that they are more water resistant than vinyl or leather cases. If you want to leave your bag exposed to the outdoors - in your garden, for example - the canvas will be perfect and affordable.

Something to keep in mind and we strongly recommend that you wear gloves with heavy canvas sacks . Especially boxing, the canvas can cut your knuckles after a few punches, something that the gloves will prevent. The durability of the canvas sacks is another disadvantage: they are not particularly resistant.

Main pros and cons of the punching bag

For anyone who has gone to buy a punching bag for the first time, such a selection of products can be confusing. You will quickly realize the wide variety of weights, materials and covers. It is important to ask yourself what use you are going to give, and be honest with your budget.

Differences between bags according to their weight

The heavy bag

Basically, the difference lies in the amount of resistance that the sack will offer. The more you weigh the bag, the more force you will need to make to move it.

A sack that sways is not bad either, since it ensures that you do not stand between blow and blow. That is, it gives you a more realistic boxing experience. The added resistance, then, will be beneficial for the development of more powerful blows.

Like dumbbell workouts and a weight bench, you should increase the weight of the bag as you gain strength . That's why most offer the option to fill them, even mix materials.

Does it matter what type of material is used?

As we have said, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Each of them maintains the shape and hardness of the bag in its own way, and affects the way you interact with them.

The fill you choose depends on your personal preferences and physical limitations . A heavy and very full bag will keep its shape easily, and it will be very solid. It will not give much of itself, which means it will have more impact on your body - positively and negatively. Always remember to protect your joints and bones. A lighter and less full bag will give more of itself. That will mitigate the effects of the impact on your bones and joints, and it will be softer for your hands.

As we mentioned above, the water punching bags will give you a unique experience. It's the closest thing to a hand-to-hand combat that a boxing punch can give you. They will give more of themselves, what will be better for your joints, but they will also maintain their shape, they will be heavier.

Recommendations on covers

Each material has a certain duration, to take into account if your training will destroy it. A leather punching bag will last longer than your ability to train . The vinyl bags will imitate the skin sacks more in sensation, but they will not last as long. Keep this in mind if you plan to exercise very often.

1. Key Tips to consider before buying a punching bag

Are you looking for a good punching bag that guarantees you the greatest resistance? Are you looking for a punching bag that suits your needs? In the market there are good punching bags for all tastes, pockets and needs.

So how do you choose among the mind-boggling, numerous options for sale?

A punching bag is the ideal tool to release tension when you get home after a hard day's work or comfortably work from home. If you have space and you like to give fists, you will not regret it.

The possibilities offered by the market are really extensive, since they can be found from punch bags for children or adults, for beginners as well as for professionals, for men and for women, with sober colors or cheerful colors.

Obviously, you will be the one who has the last word when choosing one of the punching bags that you will find in the market, but we want to show you the main technical characteristics that should be taken into account if you want to buy an economical punching bag. :

Quality & Material

Buying a quality of a punching bag is crucial; an essential point if you are really looking for the A-grade material for your workouts, so don't opt for the first model you find in the market, as there are many aspects to consider before making a purchase decision.

It is not enough to just choose any punching bag, it is essential to choose a punching bag that becomes the perfect tool for your workouts, a bag that fits you and your specific needs, only in this way you can guarantee a good purchase.

Boxing bags are sold mainly in plastic (vinyl, PVC), synthetic leather (leatherette) or fabric (usually canvas), although other options such as leather are also available in the market.

Plastic sacks

The plastic sacks are the most economical on the market as well as the most demanded, but at the same time they are the ones that wear out before with the use, with the blows, the humidity, the sweat of the boxer, etc.

Cloth bags

Although they are slightly more expensive than plastic bags, they are more resistant and durable. In the event of a tear, the repairs are very simple. As a disadvantage, it is important to mention that the use of gloves is key or your hands will be destroyed due to their roughness.

Synthetic leather bags and leather bags

These are the most expensive bags on the market, but they are also the ones that provide a more pleasant touch, as well as the most durable on the market. It is important to offer them a correct maintenance for their conservation.

Leather counterparts last a lot and resists intense training, but it is usually very expensive. If you are looking for something cheaper, there are other options such as synthetic leather or canvas and plastic, but all of them have a shorter lifespan.

Price Point

At the time of buying one of the economic punching bags that are on sale in the market, it is key that you have some tips in consideration; that will help you to make an adequate decision, since you should not let yourself be guided solely by the price of it:

  • When your punching bag is heavier, the more resistance you have to the blows you receive from you. The more weight, the better.
  • Depending on the sensations that you want to feel with each hit, it is appropriate that you choose a sack with a filling or another. In the market there are many options, from sand to cloth.
  • There are bags made of multiple materials, the most recommended being those made of leather or leather due to touch and resistance.
  • Make sure what will be the type of use that you will give to your punching bag, since it is not the same for a beginner bag than for a boxing professional. The needs are different.
  • Keep in mind the place where you are going to train, since you do not have to forget about the fixings, it is not the same to install a bag in a house as in a gym.

Considering the Weight

A fundamental aspect when purchasing a punching bag is the weight, having to bear in mind that the higher the weight, the better, since the bag will be able to resist your blows much more easily. A bag with little weight can cause your rebound with each of your strokes, negatively impacting your training. Experts advise beginners to start with a sack that has half your weight.

The weight of the bag also depends on your experience and strength . If you have been practicing for a long time and your strokes are powerful, you will want to consider a heavier bag. 

As we mentioned, and especially during your first training phases, the bag should weigh half as much as you. A heavier bag could be beneficial in case you need to add resistance or stability, and already have some base and power in your shots.


The traditional sausage-shaped boxing bags are still widely accepted and useful for athletes. However, there are specific disciplines that use punching bags with more realistic shapes, composed of a synthetic human torso, obviously, with very natural details and superior stability, with which you can practice all kinds of techniques and blows with different parts of the body . But if you are not looking for something so sophisticated, but a more fun than sporty and economic item, for children to play to train, you can choose an inflatable model.

There are brands that have designed these inflatable foot punching bags whose base is filled with water or sand to give it more stability. Children will have a lot of fun with one of these and it is so economical that you can buy your own and an inflatable one for the kids and train together. By knowing these factors, you can choose which is the best punching bag in the market for you.


As far as stuffing is concerned, this will mainly influence those sensations that it transmits to the boxer when he hits it, if it is obviously not the same to hit a sack full of water than a sack full of sand. 
The main fillers that can currently be found in the market are: water, sand, pieces of cloth, balls of gel, and the like. Note that sometimes the punch bag is sold in such a way that you will be the one who must fill it, although some already come with padding included.

There are users who fill their punching bags with old clothes, towels or sheets and as a continuous use, the filling is accommodated in place to have the basic form of punching bag.

Brands and their importance

As with all the products you buy, it is always more important to take into account their quality of production, customer service, availability of spare parts and guarantee that your brand . Be careful not to pay an excessive amount of money simply because you have a brand embroidered on your bag. Having said that, Everlast , Ringside and TKO are some of our favorites.

The punching bag can be a difficult tool to choose from among the number of models available in the market, especially if you are a beginner and you are starting to enter this fascinating sports discipline. That is why here we present the best brands of this product.

Other considerations before buying a punching bag

Space to place it

If you have nowhere to hang it - sturdy roof/wall - you'll want to consider a standing punching bag or stand-alone stand. They are convenient and more adaptable to your lifestyle - especially if you plan to place it in a multi-purpose space.

Space needed to hang a heavy bag

Ideally, you need the amount of space that is sufficient for the bag to swing without hitting anything. Also, he should be able to move around him while swinging without touching him. Even so, the definition of ideal space will vary according to the altitude of your roof. A longer chain will require more distance, because your bag will be able to move more with it. A lower ceiling, then, will be adequate in rooms with little space.

Buying online vs. Buying in stores

If you decide to buy them online, try that the shipping costs do not influence the final price of the product excessively. Depending on where you buy it, it could cost twice as much. One option is to buy a bag without filling, which will come at a much lower price.

In case you decide to buy a bag without filling, you will need to take into account its material. By filling it out on your own, we recommend you consider the following issues:

  • We DON'T recommend sand : It is virtually incompressible and it would feel like hitting cement. And, if it gets wet, it will be hard as a rockEven so, if you live in extreme weather conditions it can be advantageous. In case of snow in winter, for example, it will be your best option if you keep the bag out in the open.
  • Better fillings : You can make homemade fillings, depending on the materials you have and your preferences. About five centimeters of thick rubber or foam will be perfect. You can continue to fill the rest with wooden granules, beans or peas, rags or old clothes. If you buy a bag designed for it, even so, we recommend you fill it with water.

Seams or zipper?

This is a question that only matters if you plan to buy your bag without filling. If you do, you need an easy way to open and fill it, so we recommend a zipper If you buy it already full, and do not plan to fill it in the future, choose the seams. It will be more durable . Although if you buy it with zipper, most manufacturers use very resistant zippers, you should not have problems with them.

Placement of the punching bag

Another key aspect to consider is where you will carry out your workouts. If you own a gym there is no problem, since you can hang it from the roof of it. On the other hand, if you are going to train at home and you fix your punching bag to the roof you should bear in mind that you will not be able to move it easily from the place where it is installed. You must also hang it and pick it up every time you do your workouts.

Placing the punching bag outside

It can not be ruled out that after a while giving him blows even the sack could fall and leave a hole in the ceiling, so remember that there are other options such as punching bags with foot, as well as free structures. The disadvantage of these are the limitations in terms of weight and size.

It is perfectly acceptable, but you should consider that it will be influenced by time, and choose the materials according to it. If you live in a humid climate, you can expect that there will be some rot at some point. The same will happen if you are directly exposed to sunlight: the leather and canvas covers will dry and deteriorate.

Of course, you can slow down your premature wear with proper care . Treating the skin from time to time or cover the bag with a case will make it last longer.

Is it advisable to leave it hanging all the time?

As time passes, the filler will be compacted or reorganized inside the sleeve. That will cause your punching bag to be harder at the base than at the top. Occasionally, you should pick it up and roll it to level your content . In case of injury, or to decide to take a prolonged break from boxing, it is a good idea to lower it and leave it horizontal.

Punching bag standing vs. Hanging punching bag

As already mentioned, we always recommend hanging the bag from the ceiling or a sturdy wall. Doing so gives you the ability to move around completely, 360 degrees. And that will be beneficial in training, especially when working the footwork, practice turns and others.

Having the bag hung, obviously, requires space. If you do not have space, you can use a standing punching bag, although you will not have the same motion or adaptability.

Chains or belts?

Honestly, it matters little as long as they are of quality and hold your boxing bag without risk of breaking. The chains are usually fixed to a pivot that allows the bag to turn without interruption . With the straps, however, the bag will rotate and will need to be unraveled, turning once more in the opposite direction. Most quality cheap punching bags use chains, and we prefer them over the belts.

How to use a punching bag

To practice a sport as demanding as boxing or kickboxing, high quality equipment is required to make the exercise routine interesting and productive. For this you must have a suitable punching bag, which allows you to get the most out of your exercises. If you have bought this sports item and you are going to use it for the first time, we will indicate the necessary steps for you to use it profitably.

Unpack your product properly

Like all new products, unpacking must be done to verify that all the pieces have arrived in order. Then, arrange them in an organized way so that you have them at hand to assemble your bag correctly. The base, the body, the chain and screws are what basically contains a punching bag.


Place the body on the base of the bag correctly

Most of the bags with base have compartments to place washers and screws. That is why it is recommended to place said washers before proceeding to screw. Then take the base and place it so that the holes match the screws. Proceed to place each of the screws and tighten the body to the base with a screwdriver. The body of the bag should be firm at the base.


Adjust the height of your punching bag

After having placed the body at the base of the bag, you can adjust the height in case you go to practice boxing, kick boxing, martial arts or to practice kicks and punches to higher levels. To do this, hold the lower part of the body and make small turns until it loosens. Adjust the height of the body until you choose your preferred height and locate the holes for the body support in the base.


Fill the base of the punching bag

For the punching bag to have strength and stability, it is necessary to fill it with water or sand. To do this, locate the cover of the base and turn it until it opens. Place the end of a hose and open the faucet until the base is full, although some manufacturers recommend filling halfway so that the base is not so heavy and can move easily. The bag will be firmer and heavier to withstand any type of shock.

Then you can proceed to move the base of the bag forward and place it in the place you want to perform your practices, either at home or gym.

Cleans the base of the punching bag

Proceed to remove the body from the punching bag, unscrewing it properly. Then, open the lid of the base and proceed to remove the water. By having the base without water, you can use a dry cloth to wipe away the rest of the moisture. You can clean the body with a damp cloth. Ready, you already have your product clean to be used again.


In case of chain punching bags

The assembly of this type of products is a bit easier, you just have to have a ceiling support, then fill the bag with sand, since the bag will be suspended and water does not work for this cases. Then, place the chain in the bag and suspend it in the ceiling support. You already have your punching bag that will help you practice your best boxing hits.

The best-selling punching bag brands

Below we show you the list with the TOP 5 of the best-selling boxing brands on the market:


Those boxers looking for a quality punching bag that helps them develop the power and technique of their strokes can not miss purchasing an Everlast brand bag. 
Recognized worldwide, this brand of elements for boxing offers top-level boxing bags. Beginners and professionals will see their needs satisfied with this brand. 

Although this is a worldwide known brand for marketing instruments and boxing clothing, initially developed swimsuits in the famous Bronx, in New York, in 1910. Inspired by the poor quality of the bathing suits of the time, Jacob Golomb, son of a Tailor and outstanding swimmer, entered this world and developed models with the aim that these will last a year.

This is how Everlast was born, and years later, in 1917, Jack Dempsey brought boxing to the company with the development of a protective helmet that would last more than 15 rounds of intensive training. The company just made the training equipment for Dempsey, who won the heavyweight world championship with boxing gloves made by Golomb himself. The rest is history; this brand became the leader of teams for boxing.

September 20, 2007 Everlast Worldwide Inc .; It was acquired by the British company Brands Holdings. Currently, the company sells boxing bags, gloves, protective equipment, gym bags, shoes, competitive clothing, yoga equipment, among others.


The Hammer brand is another of the brands par excellence in the market, a brand really demanded by users of all ages and conditions. Quality, strength and durability are the main features offered by Hammer boxing bags. To all this we must add its exceptional prices. 


This great brand of boxing bags offers a great value for money to consumers, a safe bet for those who are looking for a good brand that offers attractive prices and a good quality in the manufacturing materials of the bag. Ideal for beginners and professionals.


This company has redefined the philosophy of sports contact practices with the development of products of excellent quality, becoming one of the most important of its kind thanks to a focus on the fighter and the importance of this to achieve professional success and personal.

Born in the United Kingdom, in 1999, RDX Sports has a base of 200 million customers worldwide, with the European market as its most outstanding niche. The company constantly works to improve the technology with which it develops its articles and thus contribute to the optimization of the techniques and, of course, give an added value to all the equipment it produces.

RDX has several production lines for different contact sports: mixed martial arts, boxing, muay thai, and for good physical condition. Among the products that it sells are: boxing gloves, muay thai, gym, taekwondo; boxing bags, speed balls, protective helmets, gym belts, mouth guards, among other products.


Like many other entrepreneurship stories, this could not be the exception. What began in the washing of a kitchen became one of the most important successes for sport worldwide.

In 1924, Adi Dassler registered with his brother Rudolf the "Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik" and began producing shoes for athletes, this led him to conquer two golds at the Amsterdam Olympics 1928, with Lina Radke, and Berlin 1936, with Jesse Owens , rewards and important milestones for the outstanding company. 

Dassler wanted more; that is why in 1949, after the Second World War, he registered "Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik" and started working with 47 employees in Herzogenaurach, Germany. This time without his brother, who would found the Puma brand.

In 1970, the company became a sponsor, supplier and official holder of the World Cup in Mexico. For this event, they presented the Telstar, official ball of the cup and supplied the clothing and clothing of referees, assistant referees and ball boys. As the years passed, the company moved from sports shoes to clothing: t-shirts, pants, tracksuits, shorts and balls, boxing bags along with accessories for various sports; among them: soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, training, outdoor, boxing.